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Berkeley Haas Venture Fellows

OUR MISSION The Haas Venture Fellows (HVF) aim to maintain a network of U.C. Berkeley alumni working in the venture capital industry and contacts to entrepreneurship initiatives across U.C. Berkeley. It also aims to provide hands-on experience to students and prepare them for a future in Venture Capital. The Haas Venture Fellows have helped a wide range of Venture Capital firms in research and due-diligence efforts. Participating VC firms get quality work for qualified business students, and the students involved get hands-on Venture Capital experience. Additionally HVF organizes networking events with entrepreneurs and startups with a U.C. Berkeley connection on and off-campus. The Haas Venture Fellows make an effort to stay in touch with promising technologies at both facilities and love discussing promising technologies coming out of the university. This way, VC firms get exposure to the huge amount of entrepreneurial work going on at both UC Berkeley and the Lawrence Livermore Labs. We are constantly sourcing new projects, so if you would like to submit a project or research theme, or talk to one of the current HVFs in order to learn more about our team, please contact us. EVENTS Haas VC Speaker Series: This 7-week speaker series course in the MBA program at Haas covers various aspects of the Venture Capital industry. Students receive academic credit for engaging in dialogue with Venture Capital professionals. Guest speakers discuss topics such as the investment process and provide interactive cases on seed to late stage investments. Furthermore, topics such as industry trends, fundraising as an entrepreneur and sector specific discussions (i.e. IT, consumer, web, biotech, etc.) have been at the centre of many of the sessions. Previous panelists have included partners from VC firms such as Greylock Partners, Khosla Ventures and First Round Capital. VC Connect - Bringing U.C. Berkeley to Sand Hill Road: This is HVF's signature annual event to connect the best U.C. Berkeley startups with Bay Area VC's, by bringing them to a pitch and network event on Sand Hill Road. It provides entrepreneurs with unique connections and VC's with an in depth look into the best innovations at U.C. Berkeley. Last year's event hosted over 50 investors from the Bay Area. VC Intern Projects: HVF Fellow's are selected from the top Haas students with sector specific interest in the entrepreneurial space. VC firms have used the opportunity to leverage HVF fellows' time and knowledge on a wide variety of projects around diligence, deal-sourcing and industry analysis.
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