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Berkeley Startup Cluster

Every year, numerous startups spin out of UC Berkeley and the Lawrence Berkeley National Lab . Too many of these young, innovative companies launch outside of Berkeley. This innovation-drain is a lost opportunity for the local economy to benefit from the jobs, creativity and investement that flow from the our world renowned research institutions. The Berkeley Startup Cluster was formed to help make Berkeley a more attractive place for these startups. Being so close to UC Berkeley campus is just one great thing about this startup community. More great features include: Nearly 70% of Berkeley residents have a bachelor’s degree or higher. Terrifically walkable community wiht access to BART, public transportation and great bike infrastructure Awesom food! There are over 100 restaurants in our Downtown alone. For startup teams spinning out of the UCB Campus and the Berkeley Lab, locating here allows companies to: Readily collaborate with Campus or Lab colleagues (including collaborations funded by the US government’s STTR and SBIR programs) Easily access the unique publicly-accessible technology development facilities at the Campus and the Lab Keep their residences and commutes intact Conveniently juggle completing their UC Berkeley degree program while pursuing a startup. The Berkeley Startup Cluster also supports more established tech companies here. These enterprises are the backbone of the innovation system here and provide mentorship and expertise to the startup companies here.
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