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Catalyst@Berkeley is UC Berkeley's Health-Tech Incubator For Students. At Catalyst@Berkeley, we see a future in which healthcare has been transformed by technology. We see a future in which physicians and nurses are able to deliver better and better care, aided by technologies that already shape every other aspect of modern life, and those yet to be seen. And most importantly, we believe that the time to usher in this alternate future is now. Catalyst@Berkeley is a student-run health tech incubator that introduces Berkeley students, faculty, and alumni to current problems in the medical field and helps them bring the next generation of health technology innovations to market. Our Dream We dream of a passionate family of 15 students, motivated by a deep craving to add value to the world. We dream of them toiling away in their teams, arguing to hammer out the best solution, knowing that it is only through this fierce process that the best solutions reveal themselves. We dream of them sharing brainwaves with experienced mentors and loving being builders. We dream of them embracing discomfort and remaining resilient in knowing that things often don't come out right the first time around. We dream of them testing their limits, rejecting their hesitations, and putting their heads together to touch the lives of people everywhere. We dream of these students because they inspire us. And although they may not have the experience yet, with the help of tried and true methodologies, guidance from experience mentors, time, and resources that allow them to work out their ideas, their continual efforts can lead to astonishing results.
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