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Chords For Progression

Refugee/Asylum-seeking adolescents tend to have a history of interrupted schooling. Their age makes it more challenging for them compared to their younger siblings because they are closer to the age of being an adult and there are expectations that schooling should be finished and work/adulthood should begin. Chords for Progression will be approaching their intensive academic and socio-emotional needs through a program that merges elementary math with elementary musicianship and dance, while being delivered in an English Language Learner friendly format, so that they may "catch-up" in time. The music program utilizes the Orff-Schulwerk Method composed of barred instruments (marimbas, xylophones) and percussion; the math program follows Kindergarten-6th grade math concepts. Program features include: geometry via dance and the visual arts; algebra via acting; fractions and graphing via hip-hop. Students will be thinking, doing, touching, creating, and playing in math and music. The program is anticipated to amplify academic and language capability, self-esteem, confidence, and also promote emotional healing. Higher attendance rates, less tardiness, and better grades among those who participate is expected.
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