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Social Lean LaunchPad

Social Lean LaunchPad
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Haas School of Business
The Social Lean LaunchPad course provides a real-world innovation simulation environment where student social venture teams discover and advance a business idea through a set of concrete innovation design and development steps – starting with concept ideation and prioritization, through several discovery and refinement phases, towards a final launch plan. We are following a pedagogy that includes a combination of “Purpose-centered Design” and the Lean Start-up Methodology as the foundation for an ongoing series of hypothesis-based experiments and primary research activities (interviews) to support discovery on problem solution fit, business model and minimum viable product (MVP) iterations. The class will alternate weekly between sessions in which we’ll have lectures, discussions and exercises, and those in which teams will present their findings, insights and refined business model designs to the class for feedback and coaching. Student teams will incorporate the guidance and encouragement received from the teaching team, class members, mentors and expert guests into their set of business hypothesis for further testing. At the end of the 10-weeks your team will deliver a highly vetted social venture design and a well-defined 12-month action plan that summarizes the next phase of your start-up to a panel of experts. The course explores the distinct design and management challenges and opportunities inherent in creating and growing ventures that intend to deliver measurable financial and social/environmental returns to a diverse set of stakeholders. It also emphasizes the role core values play in: guiding team behavior, cultivating a positive work environment and protecting intentional social impact. Social Lean LaunchPad uses case method, guest speakers, lectures, readings and flipped classroom content to deliver instruction. Students should expect to be challenged and stretched, but ultimately rewarded for their effort and perseverance. To succeed and enjoy this course, you’ll want to bring a sense of humility, layers of resilience, capacity for empathy, and an open mind.