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Startup Disco

Startup Disco
School or College:
Haas School of Business
The Startup Disco course was first offered at Berkeley’s Haas School of Business in the Fall of 2015. Developed by Jorge M. Calderon, a professional faculty member at Berkeley-Haas, this high-octane one-credit course helps participants initiate a start-up venture concept within a 48-hour period. The pedagogy leverages the Berkeley Entrepreneurship toolkit to help students through ideation, team formation and initial venture design activities. The course concludes with teams pitching their new ventures to a panel of experts. Startup Disco is applicable to a full spectrum of student interests, including those who are committed to an entrepreneurial career and those who simply want the experience. The course draws graduate students from all parts of the campus, generating functional teams with diverse experiences, perspectives and skills. Startup Disco can be tailored to focus on specific vertical industries, horizontal business models, or specific “problem-area themes.” Ventures started in the course have gone on to win campus awards and competitions, including the Dean's Seed Fund, Launch Accelerator, and Big Ideas.